Monday, 12 March 2012

Baby on Board

The buildings of port in the distance were a blur as she ran as fast as she could towards them, the scent of Kain’s blood and the sounds of his torment trailing along with her, made worse by being at the hand of the man she loved, the man whom she seemed to have become invisible to her as he burst into his violence Lycan form and began tearing the demon to pieces.

She could hear the panic in her strangled breaths and quickly a painful cramp developed in her side and she was forced to stop, hunched over feeling as if she may throw up. After a few moments she forced herself straight but was immediately doubled over by an intense agony in her belly, so painful she almost choked on her cry. Somehow her feet moved from under her, propelling her forward as fast as she could manage, towards the tavern and around the corner. Blinking back tears, grief stricken and sobbing, not to mention delirious with pain she ran smack bang into Remiel, causing him to instinctively wrap his arms about her. "M'lady Blaze...I understand your desire to wish to be closer to me....but was this really the best way to go about it?" he teased as she slithered in his grasp. She could feel her legs buckling beneath her, not even hearing the sarcasm in his tone “Remi!” she sobbed “Please, you have to help...Alastair...”she broke of near hysterical “...he...he is killing Kain!”

Bink had stumbled back at the sudden movement of bodies. He wasn't sure what was going on but there was teasing and crying and erratic heartbeats. He panicked and scooted back against the tavern wall, holding himself. Starlight approached the figures standing under the roof of the porch, a little out of breath but rushed over to Blaze and put both arms around her for support "What has happened? I was sent to look for Alastair. Are you alright Blaze?"

The vampire hardened his look. "I would understand your worry M’lady; however, I do not see the issue in him killing Kain. I have my own interest in that demon and I’d be more inclined to help your mate then to stop him. However if I do stop him and the demon injured, I wish him left in my care." Blaze realised others are there "Please please stop him!" she begged looking around wildly, flinching at another’s touch, so warm against her chilled skin, dropping in temperature with every passing second and the pain increasing along with it. She had no idea what the hell was going on but what she had seen tipped her over the edge. "You do not understand, you need to stop him! Kain does not fight back!" she managed in a long lungful of suffocating air. Despite the hold she slithered through their fingers and landed in a heap on the floor, crying and shivering and on the point of passing out. She did not realise herself yet, but the baby was in distress. She felt overcome with spasms of a pain she had never felt before, like blades of ice slicing through her belly. Her expression paled further and she stared down at herself, realising perhaps what was going on. " no" she mumbled to herself, "Not like this, not like this" and she began to cry earnest tears of nervous terror.

Starlight knelt down next Blaze, wiping her brow and stroking her hair softly, then looking up at the others her face paling."Can someone help me move her! We cannot leave her here like this." Bink flicked his ears, still completely confused by it all. "Move who...where?" He couldn't see and having never really known a pregnant woman before or newborns... he was boyishly clueless to the ways of birthing wonderment! "Well lady Blaze your flea bag will have to wait." Remi answered looking down at her. His weakness was kids and fluffy animals and by the size of Blaze if she wasn’t pregnant and about to pop she should really lay off the demon blood. "Come" taking her by the elbow he started tugging her to the infirmary, his gaze going to the female elf. "Well don’t stand there, get a healer or a midwife. Now." He didn’t wait for an answer as he continued moving her. Blaze felt her worst nightmares coming true but suddenly she numbed as if refusing to believe it, dragged by the vampire she barely recalled how she got to her feet or managed to move at all as Bink followed like a little lost and confused puppy. "What's a midwife? And whatever happened to the top one?" Deoridhe sounds similarly confused, saying, "I heard that word once... I think it has to do with how human babies are made." Bink’s ears perked up at that, “But Milady Blaze isn't a human!! They are gonna make the baby wrong!!"

Moving inside Blaze was laid upon a bed. "Lie down and do not fuss..." Remi glared at the blonde elf. "Go. fiiiiiiiind heeeeeelp." He said slower. Maybe THEN it would sink in. A human healer looked anxiously at the woman as she was brought in and asked what was wrong. Starlight moved towards the door "I will, but make sure she is looked after properly please. I will go look for Alastair, which is why I came here in the first place" slamming the door on her way out and causing Remi to curse in French. Ya...bringing a pissed of Lycan fighting a demon in to a birthing....genius!” "Her baby is being made wrong." Bink announced in his confused boyishness. "They need a midwife because the top wife went somewhere...but she's not a" He bobbles his head as though that made any sense to anyone.

Laying back against the cushions Blaze looked utterly terrified, visions of a serene and well planned birth gone out the window. Traumatised was not the word. She looked up at Remi white and fearful, tears snaking down her cheeks "This was not supposed to be this waaaay" she wailed slightly "My midwife is in Ravens, Kia and Grao were supposed to help deliver" she clung to Remi's cloak" tell her to wait!" she begged meaning the baby. He removed her hand from his cloak but did continue holding it and give it a squeeze. "I do not know these two or where they live to send word. I will allow you my bat to send a message if possible. However, you need to feed. You will bleed while birthing and you will seek. Now, unless someone is volunteering. I suggest someone go fetch a few pints of blood."

As the healer moved to Blaze’s side and began to smooth over her forehead with a damp cloth she made sure to lean away given mention of vampires, making sure to keep her neck safe at all times. "Why is the midwife all the way down there?” perked Bink’s voice “I think we need the bottom wife, Miss Deoridhe. Go find her!" He was moving closer to the groans and franticness of Blaze and Remi's...seriousness. "Where exactly are bottom wives found, Remi?" "A midwife is a term love. We need someone with experience delivering a baby. I could do it is...most disgusting." Blaze did not hear him and clung once again to his cloak "Get Kia, send word to Kia!" she begged, how ironic that she had only argued with Grao about her involvement a few days ago, seems she was right to need her after all. Bink reached forward, with a total disregard of his own safety and rest a hand upon Blaze's knee. Slowly he sent her the only thing he knew how; he gave her a gently warming energy with a weak smile. "Babies are not disgusting. They are soft... and squishy." Least they were in the stories he was told. He'd never really encountered one himself. Blaze looked to Bink, a small smile of recognition and she found herself reaching for his hand, a momentary lull in pain. He felt fingertips brush his wrist and he smiled and took her hand, holding it tightly for comfort, " there there ,Milady... It'll be alright. We'll not leave you."

"Not the baby...the removal of it from the womb." He shuddered at the thought and took his cloak off to use it like a pillow under Blaze's head. No false pretences today he didn’t have time. "If anyone knows this Kia or Grao either get them or tell me where they live. Deo do not let anyone in here Blaze or I does not allow in. We need her and this baby protected. I won’t have some upstart trying to be funny."

On the opposite side of the room Deoridhe searched along bottles and jars, finally finding ones that contained a dark liquid, like the blood she'd seen. Taking them in either hand, she shifts to the head of Blaze's cot, setting them off to one side as she kneels there. She glances up at Remi, nodding a little, and says, "I'll do what I can."

Blaze shivered, her lips trembling "This wasn't supposed to be this way!" she sobbed, arching her back with discomfort as Bink crouched down to touch her with his free hand, petting at her forehead, sending the little jolts of calm to her "Shh... Milady... it'll be fine. You will both be fine, you’ll see..." giving her hand another comforting squeeze.

At that moment to door crashed open and in stormed Alastair, heavier on foot then usual and completely covered in head to toe in blood and demonic flesh and gore. He looked to Blaze on the bed, a feral gleam in his eyes, and he narrowed his focus on the vampire at her side. A few steps behind but quite separately came Kia purposefully making full use of her empathy to exude a feeling of calming into the room and smiling serenely as she pads silently across the floor, nodding absent greetings as she moves immediately to Blaze's side, rather rudely pushing males out of the way as she goes "So, it is time then?" smiling down at Blaze "May I touch you?"

Remi glanced up and held the Lycans gaze. "Do not look at me so Lycan. You look hardly in a state to do so. If I were here to harm I would have done so already. Either sit and behave and let me do what I need to or go back to your fighting elsewhere. Your mate needs caring for.” Bink’s nose twitched as he could smell the blood EVERYWHERE it seemed. It was thick and did make him a little queasy, but he didn’t seem to mind it. Mostly, he was too busy focusing on giving happy calmness to Blaze. He even managed a faint hum in between speaking, just to emphasize the energies he gave to her to ease the pains and nervousness she was feeling.

Blaze saw their faces as blurs, silly scared tears that did not seem to leave her of late. "blood?" she said her voice cracked and shuddering then blinked her head tipped back as a sudden coursing pain seared throughout her, but gone in an instant and she could feel Bink's warmth again. She heard Kia's voice and looked up with relief and too saw Alastair in that moment and looked visibly terrified at the sight of him, unable to speak. This was so the opposite to what she had imagined.

Alastair growled at the vampire and made his way over, tried to shove him out of the way, sending him toppling ass over head as he was sent careering over the cot of the man behind him and almost up INTO the open cot on the other side. With a bewildered look he took a pillow and aimed to send it at the Lycan’s head as Alastair went to Blazes side to look her over, caring not if he got the vampire covered in Kain’s blood as he appeared to have bathed in it "my adrenalin is still pumping high, you see a scratch on me? No...This blood is not mine and I’ll add yours to it again if you don’t shut your mouth!” In a sudden anger Blaze stared at him and tried to sit up, she could feel the baby pushing against her skin. "Get Out!" she suddenly shouted at Alastair "I don't want you here!" her eyes black with fury that he would dare come here after that, the stress of his actions brining on the baby and now trying the same moves on those whom tried to help her.

Deoridhe continued to stroke Blaze's temples and cheeks, asking, "Do you need blood already? I have some, I think. And...." she frowns, considering the difficulty of getting liquids into someone lying down. She glared at Alastair involuntarily, visible bridling. "If you're not here to calm her down," she says in a quiet voice, entirely unlike her usual tone "Then get out." But Alastair only halted at Blazes words; he looked back to her a bit confused as he was still getting out of his fighting high. He dodged the thrown pillow without looking, simply tilting to avoid it and moved to Blazes side "What... no... why?" he asked "No... this is it.. isn’t it? Elemmírë...I need to be here" he objected with furrowed brows.

Kia turned stern eyes on all the males, letting a flash of her inner strength show "Males are not needed for the birthing of babies. You may all leave now." then turning a much softened and once again serene face back down to Blaze "The father of the baby can be useful during birthing and I can keep him calm, you know" Bink folded his ears back to the sounds, but through it all he scooted for Kia and tightened his grip on Blaze's hand, again for comfort. "Milady Blaze...pardon me" He stood then slowly and wobbly. He waited to gain his composure as he slowly drew a rune stone from the pouch on his side. "Remiel. OUTSIDE NOW." He never raised his voice and even raised it was soft, but it was forceful. He then sighed and murmured another apology down to Blaze as he tried to let go of her hand. Blaze turned away, reaching towards Kia, her body starting to feel not her own and panic setting in, the smell of blood was making her delirious. She could not look at him, so hurt "Please help me Kia" she begged letting Bink slip through her fingers, terrified everyone was going to leave her alone. Bink took the freedom of his hand to wobble out of the way. So many people so close... made it hard for him to move. "Miss Deoridhe?" he called out. "We'll be outside, ok? Please stay here for Milady Blaze for me?"

Remi growled at Kia, the little green...whatever the hell she was, "Then I suggest you calm him NOW before I do it for you." Then remembering his promise to Bink he growled feeling fed up. He actually did something GOOD for once and this shit head flea bag scorched it. He leaned into whisper to the Lycan before pulling away and heading outside causing Kia to murmur soft thanks, having no idea who he was, her focus mostly on Blaze "Is there any you wish present?" Blaze didn't answer, just sobbed into her hair clutching Kia's hand so tightly that she could feel her tiny bones beneath her palms.

Deoridhe looked up as Bink tried to find the door “Of course I shall Bink” and looked back down at Blaze, her fingers continuing to stroke her forehead and temples, and beginning to slide soothingly through her hair. She says softly, to Kia, "I think I found some blood." Her eyes flick down to several bottles by her side. "Remiel said they might be needed."

Alastair wouldn’t leave of course, he couldn’t bring himself, either someone would have to share harsher words or drag him away. He knelt down by her side, tried to wipe his hand clear of Kain’s blood, he wanted to hold hers, but her angry words put him off. He looked at her concerned and then looked at Kia "Is she going to be alright, Blaze and Elemmírë?” Kia gave Alastair a soothing smile, never having lost the gentle expression "Of course they will be. Help me remove her clothes, they are in the way, and regardless of her words, you touch will be comforting. You are here for one reason only brother and that is for her to hurt if she needs to. This is not a comfortable experience under ideal circumstances, and we all know, this is not ideal" taking a bottle from the Fae and smelling it, then tasting with a slight nod, also stroking Blaze's hair back gently, letting her healing senses flow over the labouring woman's body even as she spoke soothingly "all will be fine." gently dulling some, but not all, of the pain, still exuding that calming aura strongly. "So you wish for blood now? It would be better to keep your stomach empty, but if you need it, we can give it to you."

Blaze thought for a moment and shook her head even though it was tempting, she wanted to do what was best. "No I don’t want it" she said, pushing away and looking back upwards, becoming uncomfortable and trying to sit up again before another wave of pain hit her without warning. She could feel fingers soothingly in her hair and in a way it took the edge off her terror but still she was very afraid of what was to come. She could smell Kain's blood strong, a demon's blood once tasted was never forgotten but she tried not to think of what had happened, that he may be laying dead at Alastair's hand and what that would mean for them in the future, did he even realise what he may have done. "I'm scared" she said in a small voice.

Alastair had nodded to Kia, worried for Blazes reaction but he wasn’t just thinking of her, he was thinking of Elemmírë. He did as she asked, helping Blaze free so that she was able to be tended to properly. Careful as he went. Kain was far from his mind now, thought he might have felt proud to have defeated the demon once and for all the day their child was born, a safer place perhaps. To her voice he inched closer to Blazes end, trying to hush her. He grabbed a towel and wiped himself down of the blood "Blaze... Eleni...I’m here, even if you don’t want me, I won’t leave your side. We go through this together" he tried to reassure. At his action Kia glanced up, only now aware that the scent of blood was more than just the bottles at her knee "Brother, there should be a basin here, go wash yourself. It's not appropriate to greet your child with the blood of another on you." then turned her full focus to checking Blaze, one hand slipping between her thighs to check the progress.

Blaze heard his words and despite her earlier outburst she knew she would and could not do this without him. She looked up at him sadly though her eyes hinting at her love for him before they winced closed and she gritted her teeth, feeling her skin prickle with cold, so cold she did not even feel Kia's touch. He nodded to Kia "Oh right" he frowned and stood up immediately to clean up. Taking the same towel and wetting it to clean it off, not stopping until the basin was red tinged and his chest and arms and face were at least cleaned. Lady Jane quietly walked after the father of the soon to be born child and took the towels, carefully removing them away from the vampire's nose. When done, he quickly returned back again at Blaze’s side and now that he was clean he smoothed his hand over her forehead gently, certainly not acting like the vicious beast he had been not that long before. Kyra was probably still trying to recover Kain this moment, he doubted even fire would save him. His other hand looked for hers, to grip it tightly and reassuringly.

Kia meanwhile continued to keep up the facade of calm and serenity, no signs of stress on her face as she pried her hand free of Blaze's for a moment to check the woman over, the temperature in the room rising slightly as she let her own inner fire increase her body temperature, resting her hands on blaze's belly "Things progress well, there is little to worry on just yet." then speaking directly to Blaze "Hurt Alastair if you need to, I will put him back together. And breathe through the pain even if you don't need to breathe." Her almost scorching hot hands rubbing gently at the distended belly as she spoke softly. But Blaze felt herself struggling for breath despite the soothing aura of Kia's touch, almost numb to it, her fears in an ironic way helping her body fend the worst of the pain, though still she felt it, and this was barely the beginning so she thought. She opened her eyes feeling Alastair's hand at her head, his touch had ways no others did, and even though she felt it faintly it was there...part of that bond that had brought them together. "I'm sorry" she said shivering slightly, meaning that things happened this way, not that she really had anything to be sorry for. She shifted to look at Kia, finally feeling the warmth from her hands too, it was relaxing in a way even if at odds with her own temperature, the baby would like it, she thought to herself.

He shifted his weight to look over her and smiled, kissing her cheek "Don’t be sorry, you’re about to give us both a child, concentrate on that and listen to Kia, and you need feel free to crush my hand" he teased... then looked to Kia "How much longer?” Kia chuckled softly "soon than you are ready for, I'm sure. She is progressing well, and surprisingly normally” "Good" he breathed and nodded "That’s good" he repeated as if to reassure himself and looked back to Blaze with worry as she closed her eyes, feeling the energy from all three of them different ways but all soothing, if it were not for the panic fluttering inside her still and the frequent flashes of discomfort she knew was just a taste of what would come when the baby was really ready to arrive, or so she imagined. Her expression changed with each grip and she clenched her fingers around Alastair's tightly, barely able to keep the extent concealed, swallowing it back and trying to prepare herself for far worse.

Kia moved her gentle massage down to Blaze's legs, soothing tense muscles as she continued to monitor the progress, nodding in satisfaction as Blaze relaxed into the experience, so far, not finding anything to bring her true worry. She kept her voice calm and soothing "The more you are able to relax, release your fears, the easier it will be. All will be well in the end, and the pain is but a fleeting thing." “Release fears.. good idea" Alastair said and inhaled and exhaled slowly, even if Kia meant it to Blaze. "It’s not working" This was probably the only scenario that could stop Alastair’s angry rampage after mauling on the demon... was only the reason he didn’t tear into Remiel next, one other score he wanted to settle properly. But now it was all forgotten, anger changed to the sort of anxiousness a father would feel at a time like this. He hovered tensely around Blaze, protective and possessive, but a sort of unknown fear behind his eyes.

“Miss healer? I'm new to this town, but I do have my heart set on becoming a healer, is there anything I can do to help at the moment?” asked Lady Jane, coming closer. Kia looked up at the woman, blinking, having been closely focused on Blaze and her labouring "for now, no... But we will need blankets and towels soon enough. And a clean basin of hot water" then briefly turning her attention on Alastair, his tension wasn't helping, making an attempt to putting him in a calmer frame of mind with her empathy, his mind familiar and easy to touch. Jane nods to the healer and looked around collecting clean blankets and towels, walking carefully around the people surrounding the vampire, she placed the items next to the healer.

Blaze looked at Alastair, trying to keep her thoughts form negative things. It was easier to feel the anger towards him over his stubbornness, his breaking of promises and his vengeful mood when he was not there, for she was a brooder as he was. Yet looking on his worried face, his protective stance and his concentrated eyes she could only feel love for him. She tugged at his hand so he would look at her "It will be alright" she assured in a moment of calm, though trying to sound more positive than she felt. He nodded and smiled to her "I know it will" he agreed, even if he was apprehensive and worried, he had to make out as best he could that he believed it as well, so she would believe it. He gave her hand a slight squeeze as Kia shifted herself onto the cot between Blaze's thighs "The time grows close, Blaze, she is near ready to enter the world." her wings flare slightly then fold neatly against her back as she strengthens her soothing calming aura as well as holding her influence on Alastair's mind, well aware of how hard this would be on him, though, so far, the pain was not more than she would expect as she prepared herself and those around her for the ordeal of bringing a life into the world.

As Deoridhe remained calm and quiet, her soft song soothing herself as much as anyone else, she continues to stroke Blaze's skin with gentle, soft fingers despite Blaze’s new surge of panic as she fidgeted, trying to sit up then forcing herself to stay down. Her body felt both hot and cold at the same time, almost alien to her. She looked to Alastair briefly then focussed on Kia, "What do I do...what do I do...I don’t know what to do!" she cried, feeling foolish and completely ignorant, as if this was something she could do wrong. She felt a steady gathering of tension as if the baby were dropping away and gave a small cry of pain at the helpless feeling of not being able to stop and keep her in there, safe and content. Alastair rubbed the top of her hand to remind her of his presence. "Don’t worry Kia will instruct you" Kia continues to smile calmly "Shhh it's fine, your body knows." then nods to Alastair "Help her to sit up a bit and support her" nodding to the little fae to help "What you will be doing when you feel the pain start, you will push when I tell you, push with all your energy. I will help. Your body knows what it's doing." her voice almost a purr as she soothed gently, once more strengthening her calming, the aura likely felt well into the tavern as she exerted herself.

"Alight" he said obediently and used his strength to prop Blaze up some using his forearm with ease to support her. He tried to manipulate the pillow for her accordingly. Deoridhe too helped prop Blaze up, putting both hands behind the shoulder and back farther away from Alastair, to help keep her balanced. “Do you feel ready, Blaze?” came Kia’s question. She began to nod, but it became a shudder as she felt the tension seize up from the tip of her toes right up into her belly and for a moment the world stopped, the pain came in slow motion, in mounting waves and she felt as if she was moving backwards she gasped and nodded again, feeling a cold sweat upon her brow, though Alastair’s strong arms made her feel a little more secure, worried she may topple backwards with the effort. She was holding in a scream just for trying desperately to hear Kia's voice. When it came it had changed, no longer soothing but a command "Push, with all your effort", Kia said clearly, lending the woman some strength "Push! Scream, claw and bite, whatever you need to get you through!”

Alastair tensed visibly, his brows knitting forward; he held his breath as Blaze was ordered to push. And to Kia’s words about biting and scratching he got a bit worried. He placed his palm gently on her forehead once more, not hindering her from moving forward as needed. But Blaze did not need telling twice for her body seemed to be on automatic pilot, she sat up further, pressing against Alastair and Deoridhe's arms, her knees coming up further towards her chest and she felt the warmth inside her slowly moving away, scraping almost bitterly at her insides. Her breath was held and she bit her lip so hard, wishing she had taken to blood offered earlier, oblivious to the others in the room. Her eyes squeezed shut and she finally let go of her scream, flooding over her lips and turning her head away, barely a pause for breath before the cry came again.

Alastair cringed at Blazes scream, his already pale features looking whiter. Hearing her in pain was hard for him to bare enough to stir up that lycan sheen to his eyes. "Good good, let it out, let it come" Kia said encouragingly, her mind firmly focused now on mother and child, though the other presences burned on her mind "Keep pushing, there we go" a calm litany of words that would mean little to Blaze. She stroked Blaze's legs and belly as the contraction passes "Relax and breath till the next one, let the others hold you up"

Blaze gave a groan of relief that she could rest for a few seconds, looking for a moment to Kia then to Alastair, knowing this was almost it and all the hardships of the last nine months were almost over, to start upon a whole new set of troubles. But she would have smiled if not in so much pain. She tried to take a long breath but it came in shuddered snatches and she gathered herself feeling the sensation looking again. Gregori Dubrovna entered the room nods to the seated lady and smiles...but uncomfortable being present at a strangers birthing, he makes his way to the door.

"Good Eleni... you’re doing well, maybe it won’t be long now" he soothed, sitting up enough to see her face clearly. Unable to see from his angle how far along the baby was, but that was Kia’s job. Besides he wasn’t sure how well he could handle watching child birth. Kia smiled, things going well, so far, the baby coming fast and smooth, as she felt the next contraction, she once again commanded "Push!" her voice demanding focus of those in the room causing Gregori to watch her for a moment and thinks how proud China would be of her. Though he paced back and forth in front of the door...the Lady's cries of pain causing him to grit his teeth in response.

Blaze just waited for the words and went ahead, feeling her muscles burn with the effort and clung even more tightly to the two that held her, nails digging tight into Alastair's skin. "She wants out!" she muttered through gritted teeth and giving a rather heady laugh but it soon became a further cry of pain. Alastair cringed again when Blaze was commanded to push once more, and he squeezed her hand before she even responded and grunted as she sunk her nails into his flesh, wincing but didn’t recoil, he took it well, and if anything he about deserved it anyway. Holding his breath once again he looked maybe a bit light headed, but held his own well enough, it helped that he was kneeling. Between fighting Kain and the near death silver experience a few days ago he was worn out. Only adrenalin kept him going now, and the excitement of his child coming into the world.

Kia continued with firm meaningless commands, knowing only her tone of voice was important at this point "You are doing fine, push through the pain, almost there" then one for Alastair "breathe, you fool, I don't need you passing out!" He swallowed back and he nodded and took a breath not realizing he was holding it... "How much longer?" he asked a sounding in some panic. "Soon... one more good push and her part if over, I think." Deoridhe murmurs encouragingly, smoothing Blaze's hair in a moment of calm.

Blaze felt a few tears of exertion spilling down her cheeks. She was beginning to dare to hope that all her fears of her deeper curse causing problems had been for nothing. She could have laughed at herself but again taken over by desire to push, she must be close she could almost feel the pain on the brink of making her pass out, surely that was a good sign? She thought. She sat upright and let her head tip back, all the time vaguely aware of the comfort offered by those around her and they would never know how much it meant to her. With a final, most agonising scream, for a second terrified she would be split in two her eyes flung open and she looked to Kia desperately,

Alastair looked about ready to pass out or throw up at her intense scream and the way she tilted back, it was dramatic to him and his chest heaved like he was about to vomit, but his forearm quickly places over his lips stopped it. He closed his eyes and took in a breath, his hand still gripping Blaze’s, kneeling still he waiting for the nausea to pass. Looking toward Kia in anticipation...ill looking anticipation. With his free hand tried to smooth back Blazes hair."Relax now, you've done wonderfully" Kia said, her hands busy between Blaze's thighs as she begins to slide the babe from the woman's body, taking one of Blaze's hands to let her feel the head before actually pulling the babe free and plopping the squirming new infant on her mother's belly, then trying off the cord with a smile, turning her attention solely to the new mother now. Sighs from Gregori and Jane could be heard, having been holding their breath in anticipation. A distinct baby’s cry suddenly filled the room. A tiny, perfect baby girl.

Kia turned to the woman "Can you cover the mother while I check over the child and clean her up?"Jane nodded and stood straight away, moving to bring two extra blankets. Alastair looked up as Kia slipped the child to quickly away, he wanted a better look and tried to lean partly over the cot, and frowned when she took it away for cleaning. He turned back to Blaze with a smile and kissed her gently on the lips "I told you, you’d be great, look how well that went!" Blaze nodded teary eyed and looked down over her slightly flatter belly and can't believe what she saw. She smiled as a blanket is offered knowing Kia needed to tend to her daughter. Her daughter...she started to cry and looked to Alastair overcome with emotion, the pain forgotten as Deoridhe leant over her, smiling as she is lost in happy tears. She had an extremely goofy grin on her face, looking down at the new independent life with soft eyes. "Soft winds and bright paths to you, little one," she says softly.

Kia handles the baby with the careless ease of a mother, the infant crying perfectly healthy screams of infant rage as she was cleaned and checked over "She's perfect, Blaze, Alastair. healthy, with strong lungs." her hands working with absent motions to clean the baby as she coos softly to the little girl, working quickly to get the infant back to her mother, clean and swaddled and still crying at her birthing "Happy birthday, little one" Putting her right back into her mother's arms. Blaze looked down at her, overcome with love for the tiny bundle and kissed her tiny cheek. Kia knelt back down "Alastair, take your daughter" taking up the blood bottles and lifting Blaze to help her drink.

Gregori steps over and claps Alastair on the shoulder "Congratulations old man!" and laughed heartily. "You were right about a girl! Elemmírë" Alastair smiled broadly and tried to get a peek at the child as Kia passed it to Blaze "She’s so small" he mused. He looked surprised as Elemmírë was passed to him and he gathered her up carefully in his arms allowing Blaze to lay back on the pillow with a sigh, feeling like something was missing yet she could not stop smiling, knowing the missing feeling was the best thing in the world, meaning that she was finally here. She had no doubt of her being a girl, but still she felt a burst of pride in hearing it. She sat upright a little better and smiled adoringly up at Alastair despite feeling her temperature dropping dramatically and turned to Kia "Thank you" she whispered "all of you"

Alastair smiled as he was able to bring her closer to him and he stood up to look at her, his focus entirely on the child. He touched her tiny hands with his fingers; they seemed so big in comparison. His eyes filled with proud emotion. " Elemmírë" he whispered her name with his elven accent. "She has blue eyes" he laughed softly "You have blue eyes" he then said to the baby in a sing song voice, as best a man could do. He sort of swayed very subtly with the baby as he seemed unable to draw his eyes away, just admiring her, and found himself sort of wandering away as he spoke elvish words to her she wouldn’t understand. Blaze smiled softly even though shivering, her eyes unable to draw away from Alastair and Elemmírë. "Sir?" Jane asked to the new father, "you look exhausted. Is there anything I can get you?" He looked up finally drawn away holding her close, protective and thought a moment "I am exhausted, but not enough to miss this" he said looking back to his little girl, and then to Blaze proudly.

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