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A Flagon & Two Glasses

"Yeh would'nee see eh Dwarf woman sittin like tha..." He said with the kindly gruffness only dwarfs could achieve. His nose and hands were blackened from the forge, his beard contrived to stay somehow, immaculate, its thick, golden clasps pressing the many braids together as he approached Blaze. "Net safe fer yeh te be on ya 'own on such a night... Compony?"

Blaze gave a soft but guarded smile as the dwarf neared "Sometimes when one feels defeated they simply must sit on the floor" she replied a little sadly "and safe, well I am fairly safe here, although many do not think it I can take care of myself"

His bushy eyebrows softened from the stone-set brow, his breath coming deep through his nose as he folded his arms, one hand stroking his beard. "Yeh might think yer beaten... But yer can stand, yer can smile n' talk wit a Dwarf. N' why m'lass might yer not still be 'appy te live on? It sounds like yeh might need te settle a grudge. N' trust Gromil, he knows a thin or two 'bout settling grudges." He pats the large book at his him offering a hand down to Blaze.* "Come on, Up wit ye lass. There ent a problem been made a Pint can'nee fix fey a short while."

The governess laughed despite herself and nodded reaching for the dwarfs hand with her own cool palm "very well master Gromil, I shall take you up on your kind offer and you can help me put the world to rights"

"That 'a girl," He said, patting the back of her wrist with a massive hand and gesturing to the Tavern. "I've a barrel o' Bugmans XXXXX imported frem Karaz'Azgal, I ent see why A should not crack it'open early, Yeh look like yer could use a dram. Eeeeh, Bugmans, Colour o' gold n' honey wit a creamy white head yer could gold nugget on." The dwarf seemed lost in his own thoughts for a few seconds before seeming to realise there was someone else there, he gave a hearty laugh and walked onwards to the Tavern.*

Blaze smiled towards the hostess and slide into a seat opposite the dwarf, her dark eyes caught up in the dancing flames "Greetings" she smiled with a sad reserved nod of her head

Gromil pulled up a very human-sized chair. His beard spilling over the large belt as he climbed up the seat and turned to the hostess, the oak chair creaked ominously, Dwarves were not the lightest of peoples. "Eh thar..." He mused, reaching into his belt and pulling out a large flagon.* "Bugmans XXXXX, fill full girl! N' one for t'lady there, same as me."

Nerra smiles to them both. "May I get either or you anything?"

Blaze looks to the woman, silently admiring her green dress "as the good dwarf said...this erm Bugmans?" she looked to him "I dare say it will have no affect but it is more for the company" she smiled

"Whut yer mean?" Gromil asked, drumming his fingers upon the table, thoughts lost in the idea of an Ale.
Nerra returns to their table with their drink orders and smiles. "I'm Nerra, if you need anything else just let me know." the moves back behind the counter.

Blaze managed a sincere smile "well sir, there are not many beverages of an alcoholic tendancy that have much effect on my....specialised pallet" she explained "I am usually a drinker of wine, but I am most grateful for your kind words to a weary and heartbroken governess and so happily I shall venture into this ale adventure with you" she smiled taking the drink "thank you" before she glanced to her right "greetings there Denshar" she said elegantly enough to the man whom had appeared, smiling to his wife at the bar.

“Afternoon miss how does the day find you?” came Denshar’s greeting

She sighed "oh..well enough" she replied trying not to convey her true mood, never did she wish to show a lack of strength to her guardians "I will be fetching myself to the guardians tower to finalise your pay for this week as soon as I have supped with the good dwarf here" she added

Denshar turns to the male sitting with the governess "and you sir I hope the day is treating you well"

"Y-yer not... all thet familiar wit Dwarven ale are yeh less?" The dwarf chuckled, bringing the foaming ale to his lips and taking a deep draught. His expression melted into pure bliss, anywhere on earth, if there was a good ale and a roaring fire, a Dwarf was home. And then, his head jolted back as though he were just kicked in the face, he wobbled on his chair, setting the flagon down with a 'CLANG' and an overly loud belch. "THET! Is Bugman's at its very finest... A' heard a tale... O' an extra X... One barrel ol' Bugman made it as a joke n' never again, some say thets what kilt the man... But I say... I say It were a little too good N' E locked himself away t' enjoy it all." He turned to Denshar, nodding deeply."Aye... AYe thet it is."

Denshar Laughs "and who could blame him good sir? has Nerra taken your food orders yet?

Blaze chuckled, her dark eyes shimmering with amusement as much at the dwarfs gestures as his words "an extra x? Well I never" she took a deep mouthful from her own glass and stared down into it for a moment before she swallowed. As she did her eyes swivelled to his and she began to laugh "My my! It seems something other than wine will stir my taste buds after all!"

"N' thats what I say! N' no one believes me! No one ever say the Dwarf die... Is pub just... 'happens' he blow up n' no one clears the rubble away. I say E's still thar... Still making Seven X and hoardin it all." *He nods knowingly, glancing to Denshar. "Mmm... Spent so long buildin' thenbeautiful Anvil I ent thought about food all the day. What av' yer got fer a fine dwarf such as me?" *He said, patting his paunch lovingly.

Denshar laughs again " well sir I am on my Guard rounds just at the moment but I am sure Nerra my wife would be happy to set you up"

"Yer the first human I've ever seen thet ent on the floor after a sit 'o Bugmans." *He said, staring in abject disbelief at the Girl. "Hell! Olga! Bugman's wife coul'ndt take a draught like thar!" He said, halfways between fear and downright admiration.* "Yeh sure yeh ent ad' a wee stay under Mount Kazgrim?"

Blaze drained her drink as good as any man could do and set it heavily down blinking as she swallowed and a tiny shake of her head, it was good stuff alright, certainly would take the edge from her sadness in no time.

The dwarfs jaw dropped, his eyes looking from the Girl to the empty glass before her. He raised his hand, snapping his fingers as he puffed out his chest. Something serious was going on. Dwarves took ale VERY seriously, and doing what the Governess just did was tantamount to a challenge. "Ne'er mind that..." he said to Denshar, all thoughts of food driven from his mind, there was a grudge to settle. "Bring the Barrel 'o Bugmans 'ere." He took up his flagon ceremoniously, twisted it a degree and then downed it in five long gulps before slamming it down again. His eye twitching, Now THAT, was a dwarven art.

Denshar blinks from the dwarf to the governess “yes Sir as you wish!”

The vampiress looked somewhat bemused, a glittering returning to her eyes, welcome of the distraction from many choices before her. "Sir you do know who you deal with do you not? I may look a fragile woman but I assure you I have the iron stomach of ten dwarves!" she challenged him back, knowing that alcohol had little effect on her at the best of times, though granted this had indeed prickled her insides "shall we stake a bet my friend, first to fall foots the bill?" she grinned devilishly

The dwarf nodded without looking at Denshar. His lips smacking as he ground the heavy flagon into the oak table, all of his concentration on the task at hand. The challenges that were issued should have enraged him, Wars had been fought over barrels of ale WAR! And here she was playing a game, having just downed a pint of Bugmans without so much as a twitch. Trickery, it had to be, Well, It was not about to happen again. "Aye!" He accepted, looking her straight in the eye, which were black and bottomless, Strange, more of her tricks he thought. "Bring the ale." He said through gritted teeth, Bugmans was 10,000 Varans to import, but even a dwarf can forget about gold when there is Ale in the question.

She bit back a low chuckle seeing the dwarf's frustration and his eager determination to see him victorious. She wondered if she should tell him of her race but decided perhaps instead to actually test her own had taken her no fewer than five bottles of Aexander's imported wine to even grant her mere mild light headedness, and never more had she needed the bright side of drowning ones sorrows "Fill it up then!" she answered back meeting Gromil's determined stare "in fact I feel in the interests of fairness I should be having two goblets a time, given the size of that tankard!"

Denshar walks out a large unmarked cask, smiling. “we get it cheaper if we import it as something other than Bugmans, perhaps we can find you a flaggon to match the good sir's Miss”

Blaze shook her head, her dark hair fluttering to settle on her shoulders. If she had been wearing a cloak she would have cast it dramatically to the side as she playfully flexed her fingers "no no two at a time will do!" she replied eyeing the dwarf with a grin

The dwarf, even though utterly angered and belluigered at the woman's non-chalonce could not help but splutter at the mention of two goblets. He rose up, smashing both palms on the table and dropping down, walking up to the cask and dipping his tankard in, tasting a small amount before waving his hand. "Thets only XXXX, Go n' get the one I brought this mornin from the Ship te' the mountains." He roared the words throwing himself onto the chair and with a resounding 'crack' one of the clawed feet snapped off. The dwarf ignored it, even though he was slightly lopsided now.* "So yeh think yer might get one over n' ol Gromil eh?" He said through gritted teeth. "Well lass, I'll av yeh know I've ad three rounds a' tha best wit Bronden Flatbeard! An I damn well won!"

“ as you wish sir, at the dock you say?” Denshar answered his request

Blaze tipped her head back laughing "oh my dear dwarf....see already have you made me forget my woes and only one glass down, you may have the measure of me yet!"

The stout figure nodded angrily, pointing viciously out of the door. "Aye! Aye!" He yelled* "Just Go 'n get it!"

As the guard returned she looked to the barrel and back to the dwarf with shining eyes "if it is any consolation I see this as bigger challenge as facing those of the keep my friend! I fear I come from their far more unscathed than I shall from this!"

The dwarf drags his flagon through the honey-coloured ale that seemed to shimmer with its potency. His lips pursed as he raised the flagon and drew a hot breath, then gulped down the entire think in his usual five glugs of his bearded throat. He set it down, wiping his mouth on the back of his hairy forearm. The thing about Bugmans was it kicked you exactly five and a half seconds after you swallow it. So you have to lean forward as it kicks you in the face, if you got this wrong you ended up off your chair, and you lost. But if you got it right... well, you looked like a drunken dwarf. Gromil had around forty years experience 'riding the kick' Or 'Gdunnir Medmunn' In Karak'Azgrim, the script of the Dwarves. And he was only 42.

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Blaze watched him carefully her eyes glittering with curiosity and amusement, most ales tasted like stagnant water to her limited palette and she had indeed been surprised by the potency of this new breed of ale. As he lowered the tankard she nodded in acknowledgement and filled first one and then a second of her own goblets. She faced him again and took a deep breath "down the hatch then!" she grinned and brought the goblet to her lips. She was far too ladylike to gulp it down in such a masculine fashion but still drained the glass in under a minute with precise gulps, feeling the warmth spread down her throat and caress at her insides. She looked to him and raised the glass in cheers. Taking up the second she was about to repeat the process when she felt a curious hot rumbling from inside. Looking down she made to laugh and then coughed violently, looking terrified for a moment before dissolving into laughter "well I never!" she shrieked in delight and downed the next in much the same fashion.

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The dwarf looked scandalised. It had to be a trick! She was obviously under the protection of some sort of rune. Then again, some to think about it, even he could not forge a rune that would protect anyone or anything from two pints of Bugmans. He gave a stout little grumble and then dunked his tankard once again, studying its smell closely. But he already knew it was Bugmans, something about the way the room swirled only in certain places. Then, he was gone, his face hidden behind the circular bottom of his Tankard, five gulps, then it was over. And he swayed. Once.

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She set the goblet down heavily on the table, seeing it spin slightly on its stem though did not tip over. "Strong stuff indeed!" she remarked excitedly, her worried trickling away quickly and feeling a slight fog descend over her senses, heartbeats beating fast in her ears and the room bathed in a warm glow. She watched the dwarf repeat his turn and saw with a smirk that he was a man of his word, a respect for him glistened in her eyes and filling her goblets again she tilted the first to him "whatever happens, you are a man of your word master dwarf!" she sang and downed both glasses one after each other, swaying slightly with the first and then laughing uncontrolibly with the second

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Drinking was an Art to the Dwarves, it really was, there were songs about drinking, runes about drinking. They had fifty seven words for Pub and none for 'sober' The drinking contest had very strict rules that had to be adhered to lest ones honour was in question, or even worse ones limits of drink. He raised a large hand, pointing deftly at Blaze as he seemed to forget what he was about to say, and then, in the act of filling his tankard, he roared out with a mighty laugh. "We have a custom in the Bitterstone mine..." He swayed gently, draining the Tankard in a long trek backwards that he was dangerously close to continuing till the floor. "When we finish... DRI-" The ale hit him, he snapped back, and then sank forward, still talking. "Drinking. We shout, GRUNDI!" He raised a hand solemnly. "...thars the god of Ale..." *He whispered with a reverence matched only with the slurr of his speech.

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Blaze leant to refill and stumbled a little, almost dropping the goblet on the floor "oops!" she chuckled and filled it carefully this time her face concentrated. Her eyes had gained a curious blue sheen, usually a sign she was happy. The face of Gromil wavered in front of her a little as she filled the second "Grundi you say?! Duly noted!" she paused to let a sudden fit of laughter simmer away and then closed her eyes a gulped back the first, her ladylike manners depleting with each go, a little ale sloshed down her chin and splashed onto the table making her giggle again and threaten to spill it all but she tipped her head back and raised the goblet in the air, holding one finger up at him "wait wait!" she slurred and knocked the empty chalice to the floor with a swipe of her hand accidently as she went to grip the table. This was unlike any feeling she had ever felt before! She took a deep breath and started on the second, her determination evident on her face as she drained that in a mere 5 gulps to his own, though granted his tankard was twice the size. Slamming it down she actually managed to raise out of her seat, paused for the slam and cried "GRUNDI!" at the top of her voice before slumping back down in a fit of giggles

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Denshar smiled at the two well in their cups he turns to his wife, "well love I should finish my rounds before it gets too late, try and get some coffee in them when they finish!”

Nerra smiles “I shall, safe paths”

"GRUNDI!" He yelled, roaring with laughter as he missed the barrel completely with his arm, smashing his tankard into the table before dipping it into the liquor once more. "Now..." He rasped. "Now..." His beard was full of little droplets of ale. His cheeks red from the pain of laughter. "When I drank Flatbeard un-un... ...under the table... E' shaved is beard off in shame! Hahaha! I'M still in his book!" He said shaking with laughter as he fought to keep the tankard still, his breath running out, gasping back as he shook his head. "Fer beatin' him! HAHAHA! I still av' te let im'try an'best me again!" He gulps down the ale, sinking back into his chair with a 'hic'

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Nerra smiled "greetings Miss Zebina"

Zebina comes strolling into the tavern and sees the gentleman she drank with the day before. Sitting with Blaze and greeted them both and said hi to Nerra and ordered a wine

Blaze felt the chair seem to melt beneath her "here what is this my chair is melting!" she exclaimed, a now rare rosy tone to her luminous skin. she glared at the seat for a moment and then waved her hand manically in front of her "ahh well not to worry, I shall simply sit on the table!" she stood and swayed slightly before climbing onto the table and scrambling to sit straight, the barrel now between her legs she reached down to fill her goblets and looked confused noting she now only had one. She shrugged and filled the solitary goblet and leaning back she let the soothing warmth cascade once again over her tongue, enjoying the playful swirl of foaming bubbles. Then took up the next "Well I won't be...shaving off your beard Grom....gromling...gromilly...ahh Gromil!!!" she looked happily satisfied and filled the goblet, gradually leaning back against the table as she drank deeply, letting the empty vassell roll from her hand as she finished and leaned to tug playfully on his beard "a nice beard it is too!"

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He throws back his head, pushing his tankard between her arm and side as he filled himself another cupful, downing it in a great swig He said something indecipherable before slumping back, chuckling.

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She watched him "bravo!" she cheered now pretty much forgotten it was a race, more now he was a commrade in arms. She bent down to retrieve the goblet, almost falling "nearly nearly" she exclaimed with a chuckle and resumed her place o the table, filling her glass she drained one then the other, dissolving in a fit of giggles as she thought of something ordinary being far more amusing than it probably was

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The Dwarf reached in once more, dragging himself over to the barrel and sloshing a great cupfull into his flagon, he drank deeply, letting his breath come in the vapours of ale that he had always come to love. "Aye l-lass... thats a way t' get it... n' yeh know... A 'think Bronzebeard might well... we... we... well... have a shot at drinkin in the Cascades!"

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Zebina asks Nerra in a quiet tone. “How long has the governess been sitting there drinking with the Dwarf. She looks to be drunk. I wonder if she needs rescued from her probable headache shes going to have tomorrow or if shes happy drinking.”

Blaze grinned at him not having a clue what he was saying, but the room was spinning happily, all trace of anguish long forgotten as she filled her glass once more, having to reach down low as the barrel was a quarter empty. She finished and stretched out across the table singing incoherently under her breath.

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Capri quickly stepped down the stairs, a small amused smile on her face, having already heard of what the dwarf and her mother were doing, she crossed her arms against her chest before she spoke "i'm happy to see you in good health mother....."
Zebina shook her head “Oh my. I hope she doesn't have money on this game. I've never seen a dwarf out drank before.” Sees Denshar approach and greets him.

Denshar whispers “how they doing?”

Blaze feels a little like floating as she rolls rather ungracefully off the table, nearly knocking the dwarf off his chair, landing with a hard thud on the floor but she did not feel a thing and just laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes "Gromil I think you have shown dwarves to be....the...ehm *hiccups* true masters of the ale!"

The dwarf watched clumsily as Blaze tumbled over happily. His triumphant celebration was going to be a wagging finger, warning the woman to never challenge a dwarf to a drinking match. He rose a finger, all good there, he waggled it. This was going superbly! Then, he said 'Yeh ent never gonna' match Gromil Stonehand at the game 'o drink!' But what came out was "Muulp *THUD" *As his face hit the oak table, he just sat there, slumped over, chuckling to himself.

Denshar looks surprised “I would have put my money on her!”

Natacha Chernov steps down the stairs but remains standing back, watching the Lady Blaze. So this is Governor's wife...

The governess remains on the floor laughing merrily to herself "capri! My beautiful *hic* daughter.....I have a new friend!" she exclaimed dissolving into fits of chuckling again

Capri laughed loudly quickly reaching out to try and help her mother, only slightly slowing her fall as she fell out of the chair she shifted her glowing eyes between the two of them, laughing softly "I can tell that you have!"

Alexander Lowenhart slowly walks the stairs down and finds Blaze in a right state... He does not comment to it, only widens his smile "Dwarf, you won?"

Blaze waves one hand in the air, seemingly quite happy to have been defeated "a true master of the barrel! My friend Grom....gromlng..grimli..grom...oh whatever...a worthy victor!" she exclaimed, attempting to sit upright, one hand reaching out to Capri

Gromil sat himself up, raising his glass and singing. It was off key, out of tune, off tempo and completely indecipherable. But he sang anyway, and when a dwarf sank it cheered up anything. He held up his flagon, toasting Blaze and her daughter.
“Gather thee dwarves, there’s cause for a bash
Tap all caskets and find us your stash
Who calls the round? Whose wallet is heavy?
How many pints can this tummy here levy?
Beer, cider, spirits and ales
Listen to the drunk dwarf tell his tall tales
Loosen your belts, cups in the air
The liquor flows free and the barrels won’t care
And all call:
O, ho, finish in one
Down, down
Until it’s all gone!

Alexander lets out a small sigh and shakes his head at the couple "She is not in a state I want her to be at home... I will get her some water and wine for myself, please help yourself... as long I am here, drinks are on me" and he notices Capri helping her mother. "We all have our challenges" he jokes a bit in response to Zebina.

Blaze claps "Hoorah!" she repeats her face bright and with a healthy colour to her cheeks for once "I believe I owe some money!" she said "I shall pay for the barrel and another besides!" she beamed

Capri chuckles softly attempting to help her mother back into her chair, an amused look on her face " to out drink one of our kind good dwarf you are quite good at the cups.....I commend you"

"thets about four thousand slats we drank!" Gromil roared, hefting his flagon and smacking his lips and singing again,
"Pour another cup, mine appears to be dry
Don’t say there’s no more or a dwarf might cry
All sing along now and sway side to side
No single voice is too ugly to hide
Cheer all ye up, no reason to look grim
There’s no need for dwarven waistlines to be slim
Never mind the weak-stomached one’s snore
Full round bellies make grave spirits soar!
And all call:
O, ho, finish in one
Down, down
Until it’s all gone!

The governess slumped happily back into the chair her face animated, she hugged Capri to her, a hand about her waist "He must admit I was up for the challenge!" she remarked the room swaying and her eyes finding it hard to focus. She laughed loudly as the dwarf began to sing again, she snaked a misguided hand towards him, wagging a finger at him "you were sooooo right! You made me forget my troubles, much in your debt sir!"

"There shall be songs written 'bout the battle between us young lass!" He roared, laughing into his Tankard as he swayed and swayed. "Aye! I shall call it... A Flagon and two glasses! The legend of the Firefly inn!..
By Brodon’s beard, another two glasses
Didn’t those bosoms just grow on them lasses?
Sweet lady friend mine, won’t you join me?
My lap is empty and the brandy’s for free
Sorry love, didn’t mean to be rude
No telling the stories when a dwarf’s in the mood
But truth be told I’d not ever chose you
Over a pint of my sweet sacred brew
And all call:
O, ho, finish in one
Down, down
Until it’s all gone!

Alexander Lowenhart looks briefly at Capri "Since you are helping her my Princess, make sure she drinks... the water" and his eyes move to the Dwarf, somewhat of joy on his face. He raises his glass and drowns it for the half "Dwarf, you will find your defeat one day"

Zebina makes her way to a table. Chuckling to herself on the festive mood the governess seems to be in. She has seen her several times starring out to port with a doomed look upon her face. She sits and watches the merriment.

Blaze takes up the water and begins to gulp it down suddenly looking at it intently "what is this?" she exclaimed "where is my...bugmans?" she asked looking around "I could do it all again!" she laughed, though quite clearly she could not
Capri smiled lightly at her mother's antics, the girl lightly kissed the top of her mother's head chuckling softly "place it in front of her....if she drinks it she drinks it..... that is up to her" with this the girl chuckled and stepped back from her mother quietly slipping out of the tavern to hunt.

The dwarf shouts: "NEVER!" He roared, his heart swelling with pride. His tartan was soaked in the ale, his eyes wide with mirth as he took in the air. Taverns had a smell, Dwarven ones had a perfume about them, and there was just a hint of it here, and for a moment, he was home. His mouth opened for the final verse, His fist bashing the table in a rhythm as he sang the great ale song and waved a hand for all the join in the Chorus. "Was that a pink elephant that just flew past?
Funny the shadows that cider kegs cast!
Pardon that noise, didn’t mean to offend
There’s no hic-up a bloody good belch won’t mend
Laughing eyes wat’ry and heads a’ swimming
Look at your red nose dwarf! And stop that grinning!
We’ll stack them mugs unto the ceiling
Of their seats the dwarves are keeling
And all call:
O, ho, finish in one
Down, down
Until it’s all gone!

Blaze obidiently took up the glass though she raised it merrily to repeat the dwarf's fine drinking song "O, ho, finish in one Down, down Until it’s all gone! Hoorah!"

The dwarf rises from his chair, swaying gently as he waddled off to his Forge, There was an art to pounding the Iron when drunk, that many dwarves smiths claim that without ale they could not create their best work, including Gromil. Especially Gromil. " And all call:
O, ho, finish in one
Down, down
Until it’s all gone!
Yer... Yer must come n' see me wares! The market's gone n' tuckered me Forge... I have me Anvil Te' finish!"

And with that he was off, leaving a very drunk Blaze to entertain the tavern!

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