Monday, 12 March 2012

Winds of Change

Blaze stood atop the guardians tower alone in thought. Morning was drawing near but yet the sky was still cast like a blanket of moody shadows over the landscape. A cool breeze rustled past her, rippling at her cloak and teasing strands of dark hair from its braiding so they whipped about her pale face. Her mind weighed heavily as she brooded on her alliegences, swirling and conflicted they prevented her from rest or respite until she decided what to do. She glanced back at a quiet Tarrund. It looked so peaceful this way, bathed in the faint comforting flicker of candles burned low upon window sills and the blue ethereal glow that emenated from the library turret. She thought of all the people that looked to their council for protection and care and wondered if she had failed them.

Sadly she turned back, staring out towards the Wilds and the unseen darkness of Deadrolm hidden by the acres of sillouetted trees. Her eyes narrowed imagining the fortress of midnight, the shelter of all things deceitful and hellbent on destruction. But drawing her eyes back to the trees she felt her eyes soften thinking of the beauty she had so long overlooked. She heard the memory of her own voice echo in her head, words of anger, words of frustration, directed their way. She furrowed her brow as she realised she felt ashamed of them now. The Wilds were, for the most part arrogant and sneering; far from the prancing pixies that newcomers to the land expected them to be. Often tales of their griping and hints of their threats had frustrated her greatly and she had allowed herself to be swept along with the negative portrait provided readily by Alexander and the likes of Kain. But now she wondered with the forming of a curious friendship if she had been a fool not to judge them for herself.

She was pondering this thought carefully when she spied movement amonst the shadows. A stealthly figure raced across the farmlands just outside the port walls, pausing beneath the rafters of buildings, seemingly checking for danger before creeping onwards. Her gaze peirced into the shadows as the figure approached the home that Kain shared with Zar'ala. The figure seemed familiar even from this distance but even without her keen eyes she would not have needed much time to wonder whom it was. He reached the house, trailed low beneath the windows, staying close to the walls he moved from one side of the building to the other before suddenly pausing and retracing his path, figure growing closer as he neared and she gained confirmation of her suspicions.

She would have smiled to herself at his approach if she had not felt a rising dread from within. She peered over the stone wall as he grew closer, watching that familar hood bob up and down as he ran swiftly. For a moment he disappeared from view but then again her eyes found him up on the hillside, hugging the shadows of the port walls. Even from a distance he seemed intent on his quarry, head turned to look back upon the house as if waiting for something to happen. His posture was tense and unyeilding. By now she had come to know his moods and the grudges that he held worried her greatly, but strangely she did not fear most for his actions, but for what they may lead to. The thought of him doing something rash and anger-fulled make her stomach twist with anxiety at the thought of him being hurt or captured. She gazed darkly across at him whilst trying to appear ambiguous, as if she only stood atop the tower to gaze out to the world in quiet contemplation; where, as usual she was trying to find herself and organise the chaos of her mind.

Her sense of foreboding began to steadily climb and more so as she heard the distinctive low rumble of Kain's voice from the floor below. She felt a cold dread creep over her as her intuition spiralled. And though she did not know what had transpired she feared the worst. For him to stake out Kain's home would most likely be retaliation. She knew the hatred between them and yet she also knew that when in his elven form he would not put himself in danger like this for no good reason such as spite.

Her eyes darkened as the morning sun hit the horizon, chasing the shadows from the land. She heard the door below click and exhaled a cool breath. Somehow she knew Kain waited for her below, waiting as he always did to bend her to his will. Determined she swept her cloak aside as unbeknown to her Alastair slipped quietly away, his stakeout abandoned for now. She felt unsettled, yet a new clarity glistened in her mind bubbling up from the confusion she had been feeling. She stepped to the trapdoor an audience with Kain awaiting. The winds were changing, she could feel them and it was about time she put her theory to the test.

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