Monday, 12 March 2012

Eye Contact

Finally alone, she slid into the chair next to him, the corner of the table between them with the room dark but for a single flickering candle which cast great shadows upon the wall. She lifted her dark pupils to meet his, sensing his need to stare into her soul, a growing habit that she did not quite understand. "What is it that forever draws my gaze?" she asks in a silken voice, her head tilting to one side. Looking back at her he grins with his reply, "Don't you know it?". She ponders for a moment, her lips slowly curling into a coy smile, "Enlighten me!" she says in a hushed whisper.

The candle flickers in a hidden draft as he leans in, his eyes still locked to hers "What do you think it is?" he asks his voice soft and low. Playfully irritated she sighs dramatically but the smile cannot help but spread on her lips "Either you search for answers to an unnamedquestion or you merely find my eyes alluring" she smirks "but as I findyou seek eye contact with near all you come across I think perhaps these are not the answers.Maybe you seek to discover our deepest desires and our fears so you may exploit them!" she retorts with a wicked grin "as the eyes are indeed but a window to the soul".

He raises an eyebrow "I just find your eyes beautiful my love. With others it is easier to sense if they are comfortable or hold fear. The eyes are a big part of body language... and do not forget we are intimidating for most other creatures..." He leans away slightly to takeup his glass and drinks deep aware that she is watching him still. After a few moments she reaches out her hand and softly encompasses the bowl of his glass, bringing it back down to rest on the table, cooercing him to find her eyes once more. She leans towards him, her voice barely audible with a seductive roundness to each eloquant syllable "and what do my eyes tell you my lord?"

He holds his head still, momentarily captured by her hypnotic gaze, finding himself drowning in their inner pool of blackness. In the distance the faint sound of bells ringing cuts through the charged silence. He swallows back the words which have abandoned him and simply mutters"I don't know..." She smiles, leaning back a little but remaining silent.

An almost invisible force pulls him forward, a brief moment of panic andshe seemingly distances herself. Low and husky he leans in further towards her "What do you want me to find in your eyes, my love?" She

stares at him unblinking, the candlelight flickering on her luminous skin, painting her in a porceline mask, with all the beauty and fragility of a well crafted doll. Only her eyes, now blue hued with intrigue and desire remind him that she is deadly and strong. In a velvety voice she answers clearly "the truth, as you see it and hope that I live up to what you truely seek"

He shifts slightly in his seat, leaning on one elbow, watching her full pale lips sound out each word before speaking, his fingers snaking across the table to interlace with her own "What I seek is within my reach, the only thing I can do is to hope that what I seek, seeks me as well"

She inches forward, her face so close that her vision of him becomes a blur of blue haze. She can almost feel the chill of his skin inches from her own, the silence of the room echoes loudly in her ears "Has not a century of me seeking for you proven enough?" she whispers, a tinge of hurt in her expression. He smiles "Yes it has,...and yet I still wanted to hear it from your own lips, with your words my love."

She gently squeezes his hand, reassuring him, "You must know as I child I loved you from afar, my dark prince. I would watch you for hours, mostly from the shadows for I was shy! I would follow you like a puppy, forever in awe of your magnificence. Never did I think you would return my love, my infatuation and embrace me as your own, half breed that I am. Our period together was a dark paradise, cut short by the woes of our time. But immortality and fate has given us a second chance. And when I search for my truth I see only you Alexander"

He leans in, the tendrils of her ebony hair lightly tickling his cheek as he whispers "I would always have returned your love, I have known no one else where these feelings are concerned..." Finally gratified she sighs and gently slides her hand behind his silken head, drawing her fingers through his raven hair, bringing his pale face back before her. She parts her lips to speak but smiles instead, her eyes finally drawing to a close as she softly places her lips upon his, sending a warm glow coursing through her being and melting the chill of her icy heart.

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