Monday, 12 March 2012



I am sorry to do this, but I've left to the Ravens lands in search for a new place for us to live, it seems like our only way out without leaving Ambrea completely. Here we would have no Daeldrolm, no corrupt Port, no demons...nothing, just hopefully a simple life. We can start over, keep out of everyones business. I will come and get you as soon as I secure a place. Its better this way, I can stay away from Ryder and make sure I don't cross paths with Kain. I’ll try and not be longer than a few days. Maybe here, Ele can come back home. Sorry I left a note but I did not want anyone to talk me out of it. I have to do this, it’s all I have left to do.

I love you

Her eyes had swept over his words and then lingered over the flourish of his name, elegant in Elven flair still even if a little rushed. She had sighed and let it fall to her side, though clasped tightly between her fingers, eyes drawn to look out through the frosty glass and take in the snowy scene outside. The landscape was beautiful and if she had cared to listen, the sound of the waterfall cascading over icy rocks could be heard in the distance. Yet she barely appreciated it now.

Dark gaze swept to the very spot that things had changed yet again. Well not so much changed as intensified, for never were they confronted with but one problem alone. No, somehow a barrage of struggles and torments would descend upon them to try and overcome. She ought to be used to it by now, she had thought bitterly.

“...I wish to play a game with you...'' he had grinned darkly. “No one would believe me if I told them all I tell you, but you will because you unlike them are not blinded by hate...but compassion and see the truth others do not. So for once I will tell you my game...”

Thus the words of the demon were spoken, and into another web she was drawn despite growing so very tired of them. Yet always she suffered to underestimate as always did there have to be a twist;

''So now is the crossroads of my little game. Save an innocent boy from the berserker's plan...face your own lover...or have innocent blood on your hands forever tainting you and Alastair...the choice is yours”

For all the good it had done her, she had asked why...why her? Yet when did such creatures ever need excuse, their ambitions were both calculated and driven by the most random of whims. Still he had answered and it had saddened her still...

''I do this not to you...but to Kain. Have you not learned anything yet Blaze? You are the only pure friend he has ever had...when this is all done he will be ruined and I shall free watch in misery at what he did''

She had turned away from the window, memory of that scene still emblazoned in her mind, the sight of him stalking off in the snow, glowing a strange and eerie green. It made her shudder to recall. And yet such event had sparked the letter in her hand. She recalled his sarcastic outburst at Grao’s order and her begging that day as he had slipped from her side
"That’s right, stay away from him Alastair, all you ever do it start things Alastair!" he had started ranting as he headed for the door to their not so secret cave "You know I do what I can to avoid that demon, its only when HE comes to MY family and starts causing trouble that I’m ever forced. But right...fine!..I’ll stay away, far far away!" he had growled and slammed the door shut.

Yet not so fuelled with irritation had he been following the intent of his letter, far more broken and bruised he had returned, his path altered once more and with it hers in turn. For now here they sat, as she embraced him tightly upon the floor of their South Tarrund home, heart breaking to see his distress:

"But I can’t...I try, I mean I many times, but it doesn’t stop does it? Blaze, I don’t know how else to keep you safe, to keep these troubles, these demons away from you. I... I leave him alone as best I can, I try and stay out of his way, but he persists, how else to stop it than to run, run to a new place? I can fight, but I can’t win, I never win, just fighting isn’t good enough, it doesn’t make you any more safe, it just adds fuel to the fire...I thought this was the best way. Only you my Eleni, only you. Tell me what you want, do you want to stay?"

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