Monday, 12 March 2012


All was eerily quiet...

Into the silence punctuated her own shallow rasping breaths. Air felt thin, fading and yet close with the scent of blood and that almost electrical burning after-aroma of dark magic. Slowly the haze of unconsciousness drew back from a curtain to a veil, still that sheen of confused uncertainty yet more alert to the rising panic that came crawling into her veins.

Darkness greeted her eyes, confusing darkness. So confusing that she blinked repetitively trying to fathom why nothing changed when eyelids fluttered open. The sway of gravity told her she was lying down upon her back which ached with a dull throb at base of her spine. An ache that snaked out through her body, worst at her temples where a building pressure threatened to steal her back to unconsciousness.

Trepidation swept through her, right to tip of her fingers as she reached, trembling, out to explore the dark void around her. Slowly moving she felt that chill of fear, skin crawling sensation at what her touch may deduce. Fingernails touched against hard surface which she traced in a line as far as she could feel, panic building as overhead it met at angle and sloped down behind her head. With muffled cry she reached out to the side, bracing herself for confirmation of worst fears. As palms connected with flat surface once more she heard herself take sharp breath and felt a weight plunge down on her chest. She was in a box, incarcerated, confined ....entombed.

As limbs flinched she shuffled backwards hands flying upwards once against, straining against her ceiling pushing with all her strength yet to no avail. Burst of terror filled anxiety overwhelmed her and within seconds she was in frenzy, fists pounding, nails tearing at the wooden coffin that encased her. Screams tore at her throat, flood of frightened tears spilt in an instant at the hollow echoing thuds and sound of her own desperate dread.

For what felt like hours she sobbed and shrieked, clawed and heaved in all which way, rolling tightly in the little space she had trying to literally force herself out, find some weakness to the shell that held her captive, yet there was none to be found. She had no idea where she was, inside a building, in the ground...her heart pounded...under water?

An animalistic growl rumbled over her lips, built up from a deep stirring of despair at such a thought. Images of that terrifying dream, shattered nightmare that had haunted her...was this his doing? Should she have foreseen this? The watery grave of Tarrund rose before her mind’s eye and she imagined herself captive upon the ocean floor, the haunting rotting faces of helpless corpses gathered around, fleshless fingers grasping to release her and steal her away to the darkest depths. The faces of all left behind to drown. She saw them now, emerging out of the darkness, reaching to her all of them ghoulish manifestations of the worst kind of nightmare. Their eyes held glimmer of amethyst that seemed to mock her, bringing to her bloodied lips a scream of utter foreboding terror as her reason for being here flooded back to her memory. Scream upon scream echoed about her yet to the outside world it was barely a muffled cry, caught up in the natural call of birds and general woodland noises. She was completely alone.

Feeling her body contort in sudden snapping of limbs her eyes widened into the suffocating darkness, fear driving the wolf in her to burst out. Pain upon despair made her lose all sense of everything, the only small thought she clung to was the life inside her and the life she might be forever locked away from. She felt her heart break with misery. Her source of comfort her strength and her soul’s keeper hovered to her mind, amidst all the terror and through wracking sobs and shrieking pain she cried into the darkness...

“Khil'seith! I can’t leave you...can’t lose you...stay with me.....”

Then with flicker of amethyst all really did fade to black.

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