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The End

"Keep your distance" came Alastair’s stern order as he stepped partly in front of Blaze clearly defensive, both of them flickering gaze between the small hessian bag tossed to the ground before their feet and the figure of Thorn who stood few steps from them. "What in the abyss is this about?" he snapped as Blaze continued to look wary and curious yet thought she knew what it was. "Plants, rumoured to be of need to you. Do not open the secondary bag...Have a non-Lycan handle it for you” Ever untrusting Alastair picked up the bag and tossed it back "Show us yourself what’s in it first and hold it up so we can see"

Blaze watched as Thorn did as requested. He seemed somehow different to her yet she knew he could be a chameleon at the best of times and so narrowed her eyes suspiciously as he showed them the contents of the bag, clear sight and heady scent of Nightshade within and beside it the flattened leaves of Wolfsbane. Was as she expected though why Thorn had answered the Avathar’s call for assistance in stocking their cupboards with ingredients in preparation for the winter months she couldn’t be sure and of course remained highly suspicious of. Still she glanced at Alastair in reassurance “They seem and smell fine”

"I came here of my own free will and of my old means...The Morrigan has grown weak...and the darkness within me is weakened as well.... I feel his power slipping as the days pass" Nodding in agreement to her, Alastair glared back at their long time nemesis "Shut up Pennent, you can have your payment, I am not socializing with you" Blaze could feel the heat and anger, mistrust rolling off him in waves yet she continued to look ahead awaiting his departure.

"I don't want a payment....But I do have a request." Thorn replied seemingly reluctant to leave just yet. The answer was predictable and delivered short yet far from sweet "Denied." "Even you cannot deny this, you would enjoy it all too much" came the lycan/demon’s reply. "Blaze pay Pen what he’s you have varans on you?" he asked her, keeping a close eye on the other immediately he snapped repetitive refusal, "Denied!"

Blaze chewed thoughtfully on her bottom lip, eyes studying carefully tacking different tact than Alastair "Is that so" taking up the bag but carefully. She eyed Alastair a moment nodding. "What request?" wanting to know in case he asked anyone else, she'd want to know what he was up to if asking same of other pack members. "Here..." she extended her hand offering coin enough "We insist on paying then we owe you nothing"

But he did not take it and before them they witnessed Thorn’s horns begin to glow as he spoke, "Then I will beg you...I want you to rip off my horns and weaken Thorn his slumber I am in the works of having him expelled from me..." Blinking at this request Alastair shook his head "I’m no fool, last week you came here just as dark and sinister as ever and left me vomiting my guts up upon the bridge because I refused you my blood. I’m not falling for your tricks. Ask someone else" he growled. Thorn drew his blade showing its blackened tint and threw it to the ground. "I bare no magic! I stabbed my book with that powers are gone due to my own doing...please strike a defining blow to he whom has brought darkness to this land!"

His plea was impassioned yet Alastair was forever wary and stubbornly unforgiving, he had good reason to be. "No I’m not falling for that!" he growled again "Your word is nothing but lies and deceit! And so is your existence you have only proven that time and again!" Blaze stepped forward slightly, drawing level with her mate "Can you not do it yourself?" she eyed Thorn curiously still, slyly and touched Alastair meaningfully at his lower back "Stab us you mean it" she offered with sinister curl of her lip.

Visibly trying to calm his anger for that would only awaken Thorn he tried again directing his plea to Blaze "I am speaking to you as Pennent the Wise...once your Shaman, I’m speaking as the man who made potions daily to ensure the health of your babies...I am trying to Kill Thorn and free myself once and for all!" Without even hesitating he took his blade form the dirt and held out his hand. He lifted it high and stabbed it into his palm wincing while baring his teeth.

Alastair snarled stepping back and drew Blaze with him holding his breath and trying to shield her as well since he expected some of that putrid evil gas to come seeping from his wound "He has his tricks even Kain would do something self inflicting to prove some point for a darker means to an end!" he objected. After all Thorn had put them through he was highly wary "Pennent betrayed us! It was just a ploy to get me to bite him again and it was the biggest mistake of my life! He went to darkness!" But Pennent pulled the blade form his palm showing the living and breathing flesh as red blood spilled to the ground. "I was killed Alastair!"

Blaze watched in slight gory fascination and widened her eyes slightly but wanted to get the measure, the better "If this is true, we deserve to do it!" she turned back "Pennent, is it true? That you wish and can be free of Thorn?" eyes on his chest listening for that heartbeat, seeking indication of any deceit. Blood still spilling over his wrist Pennent held his hand as he spoke. In his haste he had cut a minor artery causing blood to flow freely. Tears started to swell in his eyes. "I have hurt so many people! I was forced to watch through the eyes of Thorn...I just want to be rid of this beast!" Blaze paced slightly, his pulse told no lie yet already the scent of blood was riling her up "It’s true the one!" eyes wild sweeping back at him "think of all you have wanted to do!" how many times had he'd broken down over not being strong enough?

Alastair seethed an inner rage, he wanted to do more than just cut off some stupid horns and the smell of demonic blood was building up a frenzy in him and yet experience and logic screamed at him NOT to fall for it. "No its not!" he objected again only thinking of all Pen made them suffer. He didn’t have Blaze’s ability just his own fear and insecurity. "It’s lies, lies behind the guise of good, that’s why he brought us herbs first, it’s just part of the act!"

Pennent looked to Blaze, "I asked him so he may avenge Thorn's past actions, but you may do it with my blade. I cannot rip it off...Thorn is not awake but his power will not allow me to...take my blade and remove them from me." She watched Alastair as if she knew his conflict "he does not lie" she said firmly "I am not a fool Alastair...but I think of our reputations and what is owed to us, what would happen if he went to someone else..." she turned back to Pen "then slice both your conjuring magic from fact..." she kicked the bag to him "open it!" she dared knowing it would harm much like silver, deadly poisonous against a lycan’s bare flesh, even a demonic lycan. "Slice both hands and hold it!"

She could feel her adrenaline pumping, held a sick fantasy of having him ordered and obeying before her, to bring his own much deserving torment upon himself. Her eyes did not move from his blade yet she was aware of the closing presence of another as Sederiana walked close to her and leant in close whispering "Why is he here?" though her green eyes lingered on Pennent. Blaze didn't look away either but she answered in dark whisper "to prove himself...or die trying" eyes flaring wild at the thought. "To join the pack?" Sederiana snarled lowly causing Blaze to throw her head back and laugh out loud "Never" she answered laughter fading to a spitting growl "To prove merely he is no longer what he was." Sederiana looked to her than back to him a grin on her face "A sleazy little mutated mutt that wants to follow everyone than stab them in the back?" she grinned to her Alpha Prime but she got no answer for Blaze was focussed with deadly intent. Slowly Sederiana crept away back into the night.

Alastair was watching with interest, part apprehension and lingering disbelief. If Pen would harm himself in such the way Blaze wanted he would be vulnerable to their wrath if they so chose to take it. Beside him Blaze waited silently willing him to do it, she wanted Alastair to have his vengeance once and for all and yet there was a deep desire to take vengeance for herself also, recalling all the agony of the curse once placed upon her at his vile hand. As he lifted his blade she finally spoke again after a sharp intake of breath "He is either on a death wish or pretty serious to prove his desire." She watched lips pursed as instead of stabbing Pen drew the blade across one palm and then the other, immediately he turned slightly as if shielding the others from intoxication, tore open the bag and grabbed at the wolfsbane into his hands.

Alastair winced inwardly just at the idea and visual of a lycan touching wolfsbane, appreciating its affects, it made him cringe. He looked at Blaze "If what you say is true, then you do as he asks, you take vengeance for what he did to you. You were just saying you wanted to know what it felt like, well then claim that feeling!" he insisted as Pen’s head slumped forward, knees to the ground. Motionless his hands started to swell as yet more blood rolled down over his lap and into the grass. Alastair took a few steps back and stood guarded and silent, an imposing watchman on the hill as he let his wife take her vengeance.

Blaze hovered on the spot, nervous, excited, thrilled...sickly so...she stepped forward then paced a bit letting all her past hatred and fear of him surge to forefront of her mind. She knew mentally she could destroy people but physically she was far the weaker. She came forward just out of his reach "So help me if you do anything to hurt my pack or my babies again I will send all of Ambrea after you" she hissed and she took hold of his horns, drew back one leg then brought the two together trying to crash his head against her knee and felt that wonderful crack of bone and even though her own stung it was a satisfactory pain. The noise seemed to echo about the trees as she pushed him off her almost in disgust and glared down at him ""Know what it’s like to rain down pain on others...innocent pain!" she seethed "Feel that poisonous burn? Remember it well...for every time you bloodied and bruised, tormented and assaulted...for every time you did not have courage nor power to break free of his hold, her hold....remember it now and purge your sins...maybe...maybe one day you will thank me, if this is really you Pennent. No matter the reasons, no matter whose control I was under, always ALWAYS did I take responsibility for my actions and my hurt upon do this, you take this, maybe you start on some path to redemption, but it’s a long, hard and cruel road! Can you stand the journey? CAN YOU?" fire in her eyes and rippled adrenaline flooding through her and she took up his blade and held it against his throat "Tell me what you want!"

Her words carried on the wind yet there was silence, only her breathing sounded in her ears. She glared down at him for his lack of response and it slowly dawned on her that he was unconscious, wolfsbane effect was near instantaneous. She stood there chest heaving with aggression and self righteousness feeling all that pain and torment attributed to him, her hand trembled with rage so wanting to slice off his head and be done with it. But Blaze was part human. Deep down she had a level of morality and she knew death was the easy way out for him. "I won't kill you" she spat kicking him with sharp booted toe in the chest a few times "No I will do as you ask...for the Pennent that gave me raspberry blood...that I once looked to for support and protection and prey to the abyss that the scum that took hold slithers back to hell and rots!" she turned away then with full swing of both arms she turned back and carved at the demonic horns with all her supernatural strength, hearing a loud crack and splinter which sent her staggering backwards.

Pennent’s mouth and eyes glowed with a bright red as the blow let off a discharge of energy He fell to the ground hornless. The eye of the Thorn slowly faded from his socket as it became just like its counterpart. He was on his back, his hands were progressivilly growing worse. Blood seeped form his mouth as he opened his eyes. His vision was darkening around the corners as he looked to Blaze and tried to speak. "Thank... you... I...I haven't told you what happened that day...the day Thorn was born..." He coughed harder as blood covered his chest armour. "I was protecting my friends as they bathed in the water of the Underdark...Scrotus...", he said as he coughed another spat of blood. "He killed me...I attacked him so the others could run free...I was mortally wounded and paralyzed...I sat in those tunnels for days waiting for help...calling to my family...hours of agony and suffering and no one was there that I died...and Thorn was born..." he said lastly as he lost his breathing coughing once more.

Blaze of course did not know this and in ways she didn't care. She held onto his sword still which shimmered with dark demonic resin, looked at his discarded horns upon the grass and his tormented diminishing body upon the ground. The blood stirred every sense and in that moment she felt invincible, she felt empowered and self righteous, brutal...and she loved it. "Why did you not fight it! You must have been in there, watching you said...watching the chaos he orchestrated!" she came back and stood over him "I have been there Pen...I have been cursed and controlled by another but I found courage to fight back...when my captor was at his most powerful! Ego is always ones downfall!" she passed the sword hilt between her hands "Why did you not fight before now?!" her gaze boring into him as his own eyes started to fade yet he managed one more sentence before he blacked out. "The Morrigan was not as strong now as she was..."

Blaze looked down on him still, eyes flaring "No excuse!" she riled in anger though really this situation was too close to home and got her agitated remembering. She ground the tip of the blade in the earth aggressively "Wake up!" she hissed nudging at his face with her boot "Wake up!" Looking around realising they were alone, not sure how she was going to keep him alive, her usual methods were barred for her pregnancy she would need to find help...just not sure she owed him help of any kind.

Pennent stirred once again as he continued speaking, "In the physical world she is weak but upon other plains she is strong... I was just a Lycan, what power did I have to stop her?" he said in a delirious state. She resumed her stance and continued to stare down at him dark and wild eyed "What of your bond, your imprint on the naga queen...she held more power than even that?!" Pennent laughed, "Thorn thought she was his mother...." he roared laughing, but not from the hilarity of the situation causing her to recoil and leaned away, the stench of poisoned blood was overwhelming "You will die will die here and now by my order. Tell me now why do you wish to live? What will you do with your life if it can be saved, prove to me it’s worth saving! Tell me why I should save you! Why I should not bring this blade down upon you now?!"

Pennent 's hand slowly moved to her as blood pouring from it openly as he tried to move his finger. He was smiling, "I escape one hell to be placed into another" his eyes were that of a broken child as he spoke, "Just make the pain go away..." She leant down and held the blade against his throat "The pain is will only end with death or with a long path of redemption and finding yourself again. Your path...always did you follow blindly, even when in control...look at the DiaMundo...." she looked over his form, a bloodied sorry sight. He was shattered, broken, fading. "Your blood is tainted and will slowly kill you..." she pressed her fingers against his bloodied hand then brought to her lips, spitting it out violently for the burning taste "Your only chance is to bleed out then let your lycan blood will take days, maybe even weeks and you will be weak and vulnerable...but is your only you live or die...speak now and it shall be done" blade poised, either to slice off his head or spill his taint to the earth.

"I choose life..."

"So be it" she whispered unblinking and drew the blade back from his neck and with two swift slices drew sharp edge against each wrist,, watching the skin hold for a moment before mirrored crimson slits opened and seeped all over the grass adding to the pooling metallic tainted blood all about him. She reached to a tiny concealed pocket and withdrew a thick needle and surgical thread wound about a thin spool. Reaching to his neck she felt with educated touch for his pulse waiting until it was near faded. Breathing hard she looked at him in slight distain. She wanted in cruel way for him to suffer but knew even with all his fight he would, recovering poison was brutal as would likely weaken the very lining of his veins and arteries though a lycan regeneration would aid him well over the next few days. She brought his wrists one at a time close to her lips, holding her breath for a moment she gently blew over them, blade slices to wrist and palms would feel the cool almost ethereal iciness of her soft breath. Without any form of pain relief or antiseptic she began to quickly stitch each of the four grave wounds closed knowing the agony would be little compared to that first burning pain of holding such poisonous plant against flesh and its ravenous affect as it sifted through the bloodstream. She was not the most delicate of healers and the scars left though quickly faded would be angry and uneven but tough enough to hold so long as he did not take up weapon or over strain himself for the next day or two.

Pennent was in a numbed state as the world around him was swirling. He generally felt hot due to the fever of wolfsbane and the burning of his flesh at her works but inside Pennent's head he was lost to the feeling of the world tipping upside down. Working at pace and finishing quickly Blaze looked down at the scars holding a sick satisfaction that she was cause of two and had ordered the remaining. She pushed back to her feet pretty sure he wasn't going anywhere for a while unless carried. "Come on then" she heaved at his huge body, just enough strength to stagger with him the short distance to the water "Need you out of the way given your vulnerability...the heat from the hot springs should help you" knowing that substantial blood loss could leave even a lycan really cold. She looked at the faint steam rising off the surface in the cave. She leant against the wall just watching him with strange expression as he lay near helpless. "Did you feel the thrill.....with Thorn, the thrill of dominance, of corruption and empowerment over others?" she asked in low voice.

Pennent now laid in the shallow waters found his mind started to settle though the spinning had left him nauseous. He turned to the side and vomited. He wiped his face and spoke, "I was in pain...I watched as he tortured, I felt his physical pain...happiness...thrill... all of those things were lost from me." Blaze wrinkled her nose but otherwise seemed unmoved by his discomfort or suffering, folding her arms over her waist "And is he really gone? Left with the horns lain out there amongst the leaves?” He turned and gave her a serious look. "He may have been powerful...but it’s my body he used to do it..." She looked back at him with equal seriousness "A body is nothing without a mind and an ambition to guide it..." she scoffed slightly "Is all good sentiment but if history is not to repeat itself then you must hone your mind to remain your own not be led by the ambition or whims of others" He coughed s he spit up more vomit and blood "My mind was strong...I was killed in a very....evil place...and she used it to her advantage..."


Alastair came wandering back to the den after an agitated walk seeing Blaze was back outside. He walked to her and took her hand into his "Eleni..." he about whispered her name and kissed her cheek "I saw Pen in the springs, he looked messed up and out of it -unconscious, I tried to speak to him but he never answered so I left. You spared him?" he asked, but his tone was that of concern, more for her and her state of mind about it all.

Blaze stood up as he came over, she was in a reflective mood though no denying she felt empowered, written all over her face "I gave him choice, die or go through all the pain of redemption...death is for cowards. I would have done it, believe me, the blade was right there..." she touched at her neck "But for me sacrifice shows promise and the amount of pain he will suffer is more punishment that an easy death would ever have been...if I'm wrong in the end...well we take him down together Brego, I have EVERY belief that we can now...Thorn is dead and I killed him."

He nodded to her words, normally he might find fault or worry but he knew she needed to keep her revenge, have it and put it forward, needed her own glory and satisfaction, so he let her have that victory and did not question though he did not believe for a moment Pennent was good or anything close to it. Hard to break untrusting habits even if Blaze thought he was truthful. It helped to know he could see she clearly despised him still. And speak of the serpent, he looked over as Pennent approached, eyes narrowed he growled on instinct still going defensive and moved in closer to Blaze though clearly she proven she could handle herself. “How long will you tolerate his loitering here?" he whispered against her ear in lycan.

Both of them stopped talking and looked up towards the trees were Pennent now stood silently, not going to say a word until spoken to. Damp bandages hung off his hands showing pink scarred flesh where the black and dead wolfsbane infested flesh once had been. He slowly drew his blade, blood covering its handle. His face was riddled with pain as blood soaked bandages remained at his wrist. Blaze looked up at him over Alastair's shoulder wondering how on earth he had the energy to be standing but didn't comment. "IF he is Pennent now he is free to do as he would be a good start" she cast her eyes over him, lingering upon his head where those horns had been. "He has every chance to show his redemption and carve a new life and if he crosses us or those we love...well now we can take him out" she curled her lip rather slyly. "How do you feel Pennent?" she asked stepping in line with Alastair and sliding arm about his waist "You even DARE point that sword in my direction after I did as you wished and so help me I will plunge it in your throat" But he did not point it at her, instead he turned the blade downward and stabbed it into the ground as he fell to one knee with his head lowered.

Alastair snorted a deep growl, his eyes were already warily on Pens weapon, uneasy with it. "I don't want him around here, let him prove himself elsewhere!" he argued, sort of in a asking pleading way to Blazes authority since she seemed to be the one now making the calls in regard to Pennent. But he felt quite strong about the others presence, his temperature was already growing very hot at the reactive lycan inside him. He still had all the hate and prejudice inside. Sederiana drew into the forest clearing just in time to hear Alastair's remark, bites her lower lip she nods softly "I agree if I must say so."

Blaze gave a small grim nod of satisfaction "Good you are were always strong before, knowledgeable...if it's still there don't waste it" she still looked on him with slight distain yet she found she wasn't afraid, what she had done was almost cathartic. She glanced behind her but did not much care for the opinion of hypocrites, the former Xikana still had some proving to do in her eyes too. She looked back "What will you do now Pennent? What of your ShadowRaven? A good place to hide and rest no?" sharp hint that he needed to give them space, Alastair's aggressions she knew were intolerable when it came to him "it takes a long hard road to win redemption...this I told you...took Kain a whole year to prove his worth...but the goal is there...go prove it to the world not just us, we watch from the shadows now and I will not hasten to be your undoing should you slip to your old ways"

"I don't want that was spawned for evil purposes...and will all due respect...I am returning to my old ways...Alastair is my liege, I must obey" came his response still knelt on the grass causing Blaze to hiss slightly "you know what old ways I speak of!" Sederiana turned sharply to Alpha, her eyes on him "You can't really believe him do you?" Alastair went wide eyed for a moment at these words of Pennent and he flexed up like he might burst from his skin but he grabbed at Blaze's forearm maybe a bit more tighter then needed, a desperate attempt to stay grounded. A very wolven snarl tore from his throat despite elven apperance "I am NOT you liege, if I was then you would have taken submission when I first came to see your mind and beat you to an inch of your life in the Naga den! There is no bond here, your instinct could not even recognize your sire! You are NOT mine!" he snapped wildly.

"I was not in the body when you tried... I was in the grasp of the Morrigan...if you wish to test my claim, then I insist you do so..." he shot back from his grovelling position. "No you'll just do whatever is needed to make it believable! Just because I ask something of you and you do it doesn't mean it's because of any supernatural ties or reason of respect, just another means to an end. And if is it was true I don't want you!" he continued to argue passionately. Sederiana stepped in front of Pen her eyes on his form "I think what Alpha Alastair is saying is leave now." she let out a low wolven growl that she still had when she was half lycan.

"Don't be a fool! You are poisoned and barely able to stand! No quick second chances with go off and you 'find' yourself...after all you've done you should be wanting to crawl away...come back when you are at least a shadow of something we can respect. Proof is in deeds not words or submitted to the Naga Queen and yet you were taken from that have much still to prove. You chose life go make one but you start alone. It's a hard path...remember that, the Avathar do NO favours for anyone anymore!" Blaze fired back still in her element, bracing herself against Alastair's firm grip.

"I am free of my poison thanks to the help of the one named Eve...I did start alone and I found a family...and due to actions not of my own I was robbed from that family. For many days and nights I sat in torture watching Thorn, helpless and powerless. When The Morrigan's grip became weakened I saw my chance. And you haven't given me that freedom. Find me a test and I will put my true strengths to it."

"I'm not interested in giving you a test, I'm not going to baby and coddle, go prove yourself of your own smarts if you have even that. I don't want you around my den territory, I don't care what you have been through, you put us through worse!" he seemed unrelenting in his hatred still. The sob stories were not phasing him in the least. "I don't care what task you complete, I DON'T want YOU here!" Sederiana nodded to Alastair's words her eyes going back to Pennent giving a toothy grin "You got your answer now leave."

"This is not about a task or know the biggest test? Longevity, staying the distance, not fucking up over time...your family was not us but the Naga...they were whom you bound to, whom your wolven spirit imprinted upon. Maybe you should seek redemption from them too..." Blaze pressed, eyes glittering dangerously feeling Alastair brewing for a fight beside her. "I'm done talking. Leave now or I will make you!" he snapped. And with that Pennent took out a massive book that had a huge hole in its centre from which it had been stabbed. He tossed it upon the fire destroying the necronamic for good. He lifted his sword and sheathed it putting both of his hands together as he bowed slightly. "As you command."

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