Monday, 12 March 2012

The Lady of Skaersjborg Returns

Standing upon the hillside, Blaze looked down upon the valley spread below. In the distance the realms of the wilds lay slumbering in the shadows of darkness. A rippling breeze crept up behind her, whistling forward between the trees, pointing an invisible path back to all that had been hers. Anyone standing below would have witnessed her imposing figure, sillouetted against the backdrop of an impending amber dawn, silken skirts and curling hair caught in the salty breeze that swept in from the ocean. Her poise held the arrogance and attitude of steely determination; her dark eyes glittered with a hunger to take back what had been stolen.

Turning her head slightly, she closed her eyes momentarily against the first rays of the morning light, letting their warmth caress her cold and pale cheek. She exhaled deeply, letting the air spiral inwards as she felt the faint aching along the scars of her broken heart. Into a thousand pieces it had been shattered but every shard had paved the way back to Karamoon. Lightly stroking elegant fingers across her neck and down towards her chest she felt for the numbing thud of the cursed life that flowed through her veins, drawing strength from its slow hypnotic rhythm.

Pushing the torturous memories of days past away she began her descent towards her homeland, steady and assured steps drawing her ever closer to reclaiming her gift and her duty. Silently through the landscape she moved like a graceful ghost, a determined smile curling at her lip. Not certain at what she would find but prepared for the worst she held her head high as she neared the walls of Port Tarrund. It was possible that no one had even noticed her absence but on the other hand perhaps the gossip-mongerers of Karamoon has been thriving on the news of the Lady of Skaersjborg's humiliation at being cast aside for an elf.

Either way she was to find out, and either way she would take back what was hers.

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