Monday, 12 March 2012

Sharing a Secret

A cautious figure left silently from the cavern hideaway. The stream of wild raven hair tumbling about pale uncloaked shoulders would indicate that the figure was wholly feminine. Rich dark garments clung to rounded hips, heavy skirts billowing in her wake as she slipped hidden amongst the shadows. Her mind wandered amid a fog of questions as her soft step took her blindly back to that same spot upon the hillside. She need not even look up as she found that her instincts knew the way as if a weaving path had been engraved upon delicate eyelids. She came to a standstill looking upon the tree that she had leant against; the very place where she had bore her soul to him, spilled her secret and made him her confidante. Longing, confusion and fear descended upon her as she stood arms loose at her side, dark eyes fixed upon the mark. Longing to know why he had asked of her feelings for him, confusion at why he had fled leaving her cheeks still wet with her tears he had tenderly wiped away and fear at what she may have done in spilling her dark secret. Leaning back against the tree she looked out across the horizon the beautiful view unnoticed before her eyes, mind swirling with worries and doubts. Could he be trusted? Would he too betray and leave her like so many before? Would word get back to Alexander of her secret? She shuddered at the thought of him finding out. How would he deal with her betrayal of their kin, leaving them to their doom while she enslaved herself to a madman? She blocked out the dark thoughts, concentrating on the only recent comfort she had felt...the calm aura of safety that he had created, the one to whom arms she had run to in her despair, the virtual stranger that she felt now so close to. The sharing of secrets had drawn them together and now she feared for the bond they had created. Wrapping her arms tightly against an unfelt chill she stared up at the night sky, pale lips parting with a hushed whisper that only she and the stars could hear "Trendor....where are you?"


“What is it you want?” he had asked softly the day they had stood in the rain, his eyes sweeping over her, as if to remember every detail. Finally his eyes came to rest upon hers as if anticipating an answer. He was standing so close that she straightened herself immediately confused by her own feelings. Her instinct was either to back away at his approach or draw her dagger to his throat. But she found she wished to do neither. In such close proximity she could hear his breathing and lowered her gaze as she watched his chest gently rise and fall in rhythm. Finally she met his pale eyes. Her own were saddened pools of blackness although anyone looking closely enough would have seen the power that lurked within them. " not know...for I am not sure" she hesitated frustrated at her show of weakness "I just seem....I do not know!" she flew her hands up in the air with a frown and then after a tense pause began to laugh "I am a mess!" Watching her he bit the lower corner of his lip and sighed. Placing a hand upon her shoulder he looked straight into her eyes " are not a mess, just confused because you have a lot going on for you right now. Besides, how could a mess look so beautiful in the rain?" he smiled a little "Answer me that then..." Against her will she felt herself blush although no show of pink appeared upon her porcelain cheeks. “How is it that you seem to understand me so? And yet know so little of me? For as beautiful as you may find me on the outside, I assure you that inside I am venom" She glanced up at him with imploring eyes wary that he may now step away when she did not want him to.


His answer whispered seductively in her ears once more as if he were there beside her. She felt a rustling breeze sweep past but did not open her eyes. "The best thing about venom that if I get infected, there is always a cure." Fighting against the need to hunt before daylight she lay her head upon her knees, arms wrapped tightly around them, cocooning her safely with her thoughts. She banished all dark images, pushing aside her need for blood. She did not want memories of those protected moments blotted out by such seemingly shallow lusts as draining a life would enviably bring. He was not here to comfort her and so she clung to what was left until his return. The breeze began to pick up speed, bringing with it the first hints of morning. Reluctantly she opened her dark eyes and pulled herself to her feet. A dizzying rush of weakness clutched at her, sending her staggering backwards, the strong trunk of her tree supporting her fall. She knew that she must feed lest she fall into madness, but her feet remained still, rooting her to the spot. Her mind began to form arguments in her head, all of them foolish. Blinking back a wave of emotion she sighed heavily. ‘Curse me and my human heart!’ she thought, forcing herself to move forwards and in the direction of the forest. However after a few steps she changed direction, picking up speed and tearing through the trees, not stopping until she reached her door. Slamming it behind her as she stepped blindly forwards, collapsing onto soft pillows. Hunger could wait another day to be satisfied.

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