Monday, 12 March 2012



...they have plagued me for most of my life, creeping into my mind like the cold hand of death, hesitating upon the edge of my consciousness waiting cruelly for the opportune moment to strike. When the weight of my waking life bears down upon me this is the time they choose to descend and in their torment add to my burden.

Sometimes their embodiment is the resurrection of horrors past, dark memories reconstructed in a frightening new guise. They are oft so vivid that my screams awaken me in ironic self preservation.

Other times they form haunting prophecies as if my mind’s eye looks down from above, observing the shadows rolling across the planes. Images flicker, faces float and I awake with a terror that repels even the darkest corners of my soul.

They come with no warning and depart with no sorrow for the havoc they create. They pierce through my sleeping dreams and frequent my waking reveries; day or night it matters not...


Tonight is such a night as although my mind indeed weighs heavily my heart is lifted, abound in hope and secure in the love of many. And so like a moth to a flame cruel fate decides to show its hand, teetering upon the edge it weighs its options and seeps its image behind my sleeping eyes, seemingly unable to resist.

A chest heaves with the ache of breathing; caught up in the battle between mounting guilt and self preservation. There is faint warmth as the sun’s ray’s hint upon the horizon, melting the shadows that hang over a tragic scene. Beautiful brown eyes narrow and crease with panic and effort, the light in them diminished bar a dying glow of recent renewal. Echoing slices punctuate the heavy air as metal meets earth; gravel pouring as the ground is splintered. A feeling of urgency and despair blossoms like an angry weed born amongst a bed of thriving victims. The emotion takes hold filled with ambition of murder and decay.

An eerie breeze rustles past the loose earth as with a frenzied breath the ground opens up, swallowing up the soft amber glow of the dawning day. A last glimpse of leaves and a strong aroma of spring are drowned as a cloak of darkness swirls overhead burying with it a pale despairing face.

My eyes fly open. There is a cold sweat upon my brow and terror striking at my heart, the usual near death rhythm pounding in frenzy as I tear myself from twisted sheets. The room is pitch and yet even in my dread my wide eyes find the stairs. Launching myself to the bottom I turn and descend once again, the silence of the house seeming loud in my ears as I clatter into the basement, ebony hair flying behind me.

The ivory coffin looms ahead in the shadows faintly glowing in the feeble light of a single flickering flame. My limbs feel numb as I glide towards it, pale fingers outstretched like an ethereal spirit trying to make contact. The coffin lies there in elegant stillness, seemingly untouched and yet there remains only one way to be sure. With a shuddering breath I take firm grip on its ornate lid and heave it open, eyes fusing shut for fear of what I might find. My heart thuds in my chest, echoing about the otherwise empty room like a deathly ticking of impending doom as finally I dare to look within. For a few seconds I stare, my dark eyes penetrating every inch of the delicate lining of heather blue silk. The coffin was empty, opening the floodgates for a new wave of terror...

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